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* CosPlay™ - Cos (Costume or attire be it virtual, material, cosmetic or any combination of such), combined simultanenously with Play (The act of one's communicating ideas, feelings, and/or exhibiting an infinite number of possible personal creative characteristics or characterizations of another person or object, that are self chosen, self directed, and intrinsically motivate;  completed with the method maintaining a higher priority than the end result.)

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Grey Wolf CosPlay™2014 - "It's what cosplay is all about...and then some!"

Welcome, Greetings, Hey'a, Hola, etc...

Grey Wolf CosPlay™ takes you well beyond the simple scope of character portrayal, comics, and collectibles; it features informative content for your personal edification and enjoyment. It takes the art and fun of cosplay / costuming / comics and props, adding a new dimension in brand development, marketing, and bringing greater recognition of comic, TV, and movies characters.  Just imagine taking the old, mixed with a little new, and adding a pinch of pushing the envelope in creative new concepts, sharing ideas and opinions for the betterment of others.

Whether you are a cosplayer, costumer, prop maker, artist, author, celebrity, or performer, you will find something here for you at Grey Wolf CosPlay™

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Feature Photos / Albums

The exclusive imagery available here are with each image linking to just one of many available for view in the Grey Wolf CosPlay™ Albums, which are featured on Facebook for you to enjoy.

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News Update

  • We are really busy here at Grey Wolf Corp / GreyWolf CosPlay™, preparing for the upcoming shows and working on deadlines for latest feature articles. As part of this work I am excited to say that we will be adding more opportunities to howl at with even more of our exclusive events and parties in 2015. Be sure to check back regularly for the latest news.

  • Wizard World Comic Con - Las Vegas 2015, An Exclusive Glimpse At The Experience is now available! How would I describe it? A little this, a little that; a cornucopia of delight, with a pinch of levity and dash of creative flavor.

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  • The review on the movie "The Perfect House" is now available! In this movie produced by Gratwick Films, you have an anthology of horror and psychological terror.  The film strategically delivers the inflection of a campy film effect, while simultaneously tapping into the psychological fear of your sub-conscious mind and your fears of the unknown.

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  • The book review for "These Are The Voyages" is almost done! Jacobs Brown Press has really outdone themselves with this book.  Learn about behind the scenes details from many of the scenes of the original Star Trek® series.  Star Trek® fans out there have just got to see this and enjoy the Star Trek experience from an entirely different perspective.

  • Have any questions, suggestions, or just wanna howl at the moon with us, please PM me directly on Facebook.
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