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Grey Wolf CosPlay™2014 - "Wizard World Comic Con - Las Vegas 2015" Wizard World Comic Con - Las Vegas 2015

An image of Wizard World Comic Con Las Vegas 2015 Logo  

Wizard World Comic Con
Las Vegas 2015

"Welcome to an exclusive glimpse at the excitement from Wizard World Comic Con - Las Vegas 2015.

by: James Grey Wolf

Hollywood, Star Wars and Squirrels?

Wizard World Comic Con - Las Vegas 2015 truly had the signature of Sin City with plenty of skin, diversity and color. The skills and creativity of some of the greatest artists who were in attendance, combined with stars, comics, collectibles cosplay and so much more was beyond impressive. According to everyone I interviewed, it was so great of an experience to see the show not overrun with big name commercial interests, "...and just plain fun!" As an added twist, the con even had squirrels running amuck amongst the attendees! (Compliments of Pocket Pets).

An image of the girls from The Hollywood Show An image of some mini cosplayer Jedi fighters from Star Wars An image of a squirrel on a man's head at Wizard World Comic Con Las Vegas 2015

Lights, Action...Welcome To NAKED VEGAS

Familiarity across multiple platforms was one of the key elements that really gave Wizard World Comic Con a serious kick. NAKED VEGAS was one of those "familiar" sights providing an ever evolving example of skill, creativity and design that caused many to marvel.

Image of Kelly, one of the NAKED VEGAS owners, working her magic on a model at Wizard World...

NAKED VEGAS is Las Vegas's premier body painting studio, home to some of the worlds top body painters, and is located right in the middle of Sin City!!!"

It was clear to see that the phenomenal talent from the folks from NAKED VEGAS captivated the attention of every last person walking by their booth throughout the show. These folks are true masters of body painting.

Image of staff from Naked Vegas in action air brushing a model at Wizard World! Image of a model air brushed by Naked Vegas Wizard World Image of a model air brushed by Naked Vegas Wizard World

Comics, Stars, Characters...and then some!

Comic books, collectibles, and CosPlay / Costume attendees added to the comfort level and sights of interest. For the cosplayers and costumers, they had the unique opportunity to dress as one of their favorite characters; from super heroes to Game of Thrones, the sky was the limit. What put the icing on the cake so to speak though, were the children who were also joining in, dressed as their own favorite character. It was obvious that neither genre or age had any inhibitory influence. Everyone was just being themselves and having the greatest of fun in doing it!

An image of the artist Larime Taylor, author of the comic book A Voice In The Dark, at Wizard World Comic Con Las Vegas 2015 An image of a woman promoting her project The Searcher at Wizard World Comic Con Las Vegas 2015 An image of the artist Phil Ortize signing autographs at Wizard World Comic Con Las Vegas 2015

An image of Ghostbusters Cosplayers being interviewed by CONtv at Wizard World Comic con Las Vegas 2015 An image of the award winning artist from American Dischord at Wizard World Comic con Las Vegas 2015 An image of some of the staff from CONtv in action at Wizard World Comic con Las Vegas 2015

Wizard World Through The Eyes of a Child

While everyone from teen to adults have a pretty consistent visual interpretation of what they saw at Wizard World Comic Con, can you even begin to imagine how things are seen through the eyes of a child? A simple mind and thinking process where everything is interpreted just as they see it. They draw from their mind what they are familiar with and anything can become real to them that they encounter.

"Just imagine the mind of a young child at Wizard World, coming face to face with the mighty Loki  His imagination must have been spinning in a whirlwind of wonder and fascination."

Image of Loki speaking with a child at Wizard World...

Wizard World Comic Con was a fascinating experience of color, shape, and imagination combined; an experience children are soon so eager to share with others, as they tell the story of their incredible adventure! For some it is a story of horror or fantasy while for others it is a tale from days of old when princesses and mighty kingdoms were common. Altogether, it was an experience not soon to be forgotten.

A Little This, A Little That; A Cornucopia Of Delight...

When leaving Wizard World Comic Con I was asked by a gent in the parking lot how I would describe what the show was all about. The first words that came to mind were so simple. "A little this, a little that; a cornucopia of delight, with a pinch of levity and dash of creative flavor." The gent looked at me somewhat puzzled but I explained to him that there was just so much to see and experience, on impulse those words were the first thing that came to my head. There was such a diverse variety of things to see, learn, and participate in that every person attending was sure to find something to fit their own personal interest.

An image of two gents from Team Fox with props from Back To The Future at Wizard World Comic Con Las Vegas 2015 An image of people getting tattoos at Wizard World Comic Con Las Vegas 2015 An image of some The Walking Dead cosplayers at Wizard World Comic Con Las Vegas 2015

An image of a cosplayer dressed up like a character from Frozen at Wizard World Comic Con Las Vegas 2015 An image of Loki with a young child at Wizard World Comic Con Las Vegas 2015 An image of some vendors from Wizard World Comic Con Las Vegas 2015

A Diamond In The Rough

As I bring this article to a close, I heard all kinds of feedback from attendees and vendors alike. Of course you always are going to hear the naysayers. It is important to consider that like anything else in life, you have to start somewhere and as your concept or effort evolves, there are going to be a few hiccups. It is those hiccups that we should appreciate for it is those flaws that stimulate further evolution for an even more enjoyable and engaging experience.

This is my personal description of Wizard World Comic Con - Las Vegas 2015. There was plenty of room for improvement, yet there was such a far greater volume of features that were engaging and kept the attention of the attendees for an extended period. This is truly a diamond in the rough as far as I am concerned. Now it is simply a matter of how well the cutter will form this show to realize a greater level of perfection.

There was so much more to focus on about Wizard World Comic Con - Las Vegas 2015, but this article is designed to provide an exclusive glimpse for those who were unable to be there and a flashback for those who were there. I hope you enjoy the adventure in the imagery and verbiage provided.

Image of An image of some female cosplayers at Wizard World on the last day...

Cosplayers were out in full force at Wizard World Comic Con - Las Vegas 2015. These three young ladies were providing an alternative perception of Star Wars characters that was truly capturing plenty of attention!

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